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Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder is denying a Washington Post report that accuses Snyder of inappropriate conduct regarding the team’s cheerleaders.

“The Washington Post article reads like a ‘hit job’ relying on unnamed sources and allegations that are largely ten to twenty years old,” Snyder said in a statement. “We attempted to engage with the Washington Post to provide them with the facts, but those facts clearly didn’t align with their narrative.”

Snyder said one specific allegation in the Post report, that he approached former cheerleader Tiffany Bacon Scourby at a 2004 charity event and suggested that she join a friend of Snyder’s in a hotel room so that they “could get to know each other better,” is false.

“I want to unequivocally state that this never happened,” Snyder said. “Ms. Scourby did not report this alleged incident to anyone at the team in 2004, in her 8 years as a cheerleader, or at any time in the past 16 years.”

The fact that Scourby did not report the allegation, however, is not proof that it didn’t happen. She may simply have thought there was no one she could report it to, because no one in the organization is above Snyder.

Snyder also denied any knowledge of a video that allegedly circulated among team personnel containing revealing footage of cheerleaders at a photo shoot for a swimsuit calendar.

“I do not have any knowledge of the ten-year-old videos referenced in the story,” Snyder said. “I did not request their creation and I never saw them.”

Today’s Washington Post article is the second that reports rampant sexual harassment within the Washington Football Team. The first resulted in Snyder himself hand-picking a lawyer to investigate, but this article may leave the NFL no choice but to launch its own investigation.